Tiller Extensions

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Harken Aluminium Tiller Extension

Harken Aluminium Tiller Extension The rigid anodized body of this tiller extension transmits subtle boat and rudder movements, allowing you to steer by the feel of the helm. The elegantly simple and lightweight design has no unnecessary frills-every aspect contributes to its strength, stiffness, or comfort. Its universal joint is reinforced by a rope core for extra durability and the thick UV-protected grip is perfect for full dagger-grip and fingertip steering.

7100.24 Tiller Extension 24" £25.40 info Buy
7100.30 Tiller Extension 30" £26.19 info Buy
7100.33 Tiller Extension 33" £26.47 info Buy
7100.36 Tiller Extension 36" £27.08 info Buy
7100.42 Tiller Extension 42" £28.24 info Buy
7100.48 Tiller Extension 48" £28.81 info Buy
Showing 1-1 of 1 item